Smartface App Studio

Easy to use Native Cross-platform IDE, which does not require any native code knowledge. 

- Cross-Platform Native App Development

- User Interface Design and WYSIWYG Support

- 4X Faster Devolopment

- Full Native Components

- Java Script based Coding

-  SQLite Support

- on-Device Emulation

- Financial Services

Smartface Enterprise Server

Smartface Enterprise Server is an Application life cycle management tool. 

- App Catalog

- App Distrubution

- App Version Management

- Device Management

- Mobile CRM

- Content Management

- in-App Analytics

- User Interaction and Support

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Insights of Mobile World Congress 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone, Gear 2, Gear Fit and Knox Tool Samsung launched Galaxy S5 Smartphone and set release date to April 11.  This phone doesn’t reinvent smartphone like Galaxy S2, HTC Desire or iPhone 4 did, but it has a fingerprint ID just as iPhone 5S, a water resistant body like Sony Xperia Z2 […]

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Mobinex offer Professional Services for developing Native Mobile Applications for your company. Using Smartface App Studio is an essential tool for a fast to market solutions. Mobinex Professional services include UEX design, App Development, Test Support and after-market solutions. Mobinex has a partner ecosystem that includes solutions of market leader solutions in Smartface App Studio, such as VASCO, KOBIL, SESTEK and KOFAX.



Bilgen Aldan

Since the mobile technologies improve fast, customer demands are changing permanently. Mobinex tracks these improving technologies and customer needs, transforms them into innovative solutions and these solutions are developed fast via the mobile development platform that Mobinex provided for Akbank’s mobile banking application: Akbank Direkt Mobil. Mobinex adds valuable assets with this approach and becomes Akbank’s strategic partner.


Bilgen AldanDirect banking-Digital Channels Management and Marketing VP at Akbank
Mücahit  Gündebahar

Smartface AppStudio is a great platform that enables Kuveyt Turk to develop our mobile banking and unbanking applications with a relatively small development team. Simplicity, fast development environment and developer friendly interfaces are key points for us. We systematically manage the entire set of our mobile applications in a single framework and benefit the strength of detailed built-in monitoring capabilities for analysis. Smartface App Studio is also decreasing operational and development costs. Thank you Mobinex company for Smartface App Studio and kindly collaborations.


Mücahit GündebaharKuveyt Türk - Information Technology Group Manager

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