Adidas turtle dove yeezy 350 for sale

A crowd of around 25 people gathered on Wednesday outside the End clothing store, on Newcastle’s Grainger Street, where shoppers plan to stay until the shoes are released on Saturday. They hope to get their hands on the Yeezy 350 turtle dove for sale, a limited edition pair of trainers with a design input from the rapper Kanye West.West’s designs have proved popular since he first signed a deal for his shoe range with Adidas in 2013. End, which recently moved to its current premises from High Bridge, has been named as one of 26 retailers and three websites in the UK selected to sell the Turtle Dove yeezy 350 .People also started queuing up outside the Aphrodite store in Sunderland on Wednesday, but were asked to return later in the week. Aphrodite director, Andy McKenzie, said: “I think there’s going to be a lot of people camping.